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Glossopoiesis: The hidden art of tongue making

Glossopoiesis is form the Greek words for "tongue" and "making". But it isn't a Greek word: it was made by conscious decision. For this is what glossopoietes do: we craft words, and entire languages.

Queer as it may seem, glossopoiesis is a widespread activity. You just don't see it, because people devoted to it are usually rather shy to show the fruit of their work. If you want to know more, you may read my Introduction to glossopoiesis. More articles on the topic will be available in future.

As a glossopoietes I have a number constructed language projects running: Streich, Len-qic, Kluna, Anawanda, Gwalan, Heichi, Ishtalo and Týmlk. Aesthetic and intellectual pleasure, and a bit of amusement, is what I pursue through glossopoiesis. For my languages, I also make fictitious cultures and civilizations: in my opinion, mythopoiesis is an inevitable complement of my linguistic creations.

In a moment of silliness, I also made a little game language named Fjinnjikulla. You may look at it for a giggle, but don't expect me to do something like that again, though!

Another tongue I care much for is Arden, a collaborative project of Jean-François Smith and myself. At first, we wanted a language for our personal use, but it has developed a few bits of a fictional setting too...

I also have other interests. You'll soon find more about me in my personal pages.

You are welcome to get in touch, if you like so. Please, refer to the contact information to find out how to reach me.