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A short introduction to glossopoiesis

Appendix B. Acknowledgements

Over time, I have had the luck and privilege to discuss my own languages as well as various questions related to constructed languages and language construction with many people. Among them, I especially wish to thank three friends and conlangers: Jean-François Smith, Claudio T. Gnoli and Maurizio M. Gavioli. All the wonderful people of the LangDev discussion group are also very important to me.

When I wrote the first version of this article, many people helped me by reviewing it, making suggestions, pointing at errors: Paul O. Bartlett, Dirk Elzinga, Maurizio M. Gavioli, Bruce R. Gilson, Sami Laitala, Herman Miller, Sven Sommerfeld, Jean-François Smith, Benjamin E. Stevens.

John Cowan kindly reviewed the present version of this article and suggested many corrections of detail.

These people helped to render this article more adequate than it could have been.

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