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A short introduction to glossopoiesis

1. A secret revealed

Linguistic creation? For some it's just an amusing game; for others it's the way to help world peoples communicate and grow up together... There are some who find it a useful device to lend depth and likelihood to the stories they write, and others who delight in making something showing their craft and taste, as model-makers do... Some people do it in order to classify the whole of reality in precise scientific or philosophic categories; some other people devote themselves to it as to a noble kind of art, similar to poetry...

There are numerous reasons for inventing a language. And there are numerous language creators as well all over the world - indeed, more than you can imagine. But they generally stay hidden, and the fruit of their work, or rather their activity itself, remains a secret to be shared only with a few friends.

Besides, a constructed language cannot be easily displayed. It is neither a scale model that you can exhibit on a showcase, nor a picture that you can hang on the wall; you can neither play it like a musical piece, nor declaim it like a poem.

Nevertheless, an artificial tongue can be as clever as a model, as symmetrical as a picture, as melodious as the sweetest music, as beautiful as a poem. Creating one is involving and amusing.

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