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Copyright terms

The Glossopoiesis web site is edited, maintained and published by Tommaso Donnarumma. Except where otherwise stated, all the documents and graphics are authored and copyrighted by the editor. Works by other authors might be published on arrangement with the copyright holder.

You are welcome to link to my pages, as long as you do it in a fair way (sites with frames, please note: don't make my pages appear within your own frameset). If you plan to link to or review my pages, please let me know: I'll be happy to reciprocate.

The constructed languages presented in these pages are copyrighted works too. You are welcome to study them, if you like, and to print out the documents for your own reference. You are not allowed to employ or adapt the languages or the fictional background in any way, or to create derivative works based upon them, without my prior written permission.

If you have any query or communication, please fill in the feedback form or contact the author/editor at <>.

The Arden pages are hosted here but don't form part of Glossopoiesis. The Arden language is a copyrighted work of Jean-François Smith and Tommaso Donnarumma. For copyright issues related to Arden, please contact the authors at the Arden Academy address <>.